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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

DvoraSpa is a trademark subsidiary of Dvora Enterprise Ltd, the registered parent company and brand manager.

Our wellness directory is an international register of certified practitioners of holistic therapy and providers of complimentary medicine. 

Because our providers are thoroughly vetted, service users  are able to rest assured that they will receive safe treatment that meets the highest regulatory standards

Our Intention

We deliver a world class premium service of high performance treatment to our users and reliable business solutions to our providers.

Our Mission

To establish the world’s first complementary therapy hub franchise, with establishments in every country. DvoraSpa Hubs will employ licenced holistic therapists to deliver the full range of services under one brand.

A Quality Service

Qualified, certified and insured practitioners vetted and procured.

You may often struggle to find alternative specialist therapists in mainstream hospitals and clinics, or the right holistic treatments in local spas. DvoraSpa directory give you instant access to all registered providers in your area.  DvoraSpa Hubs offer spa services with access to the full spectrum range of holistic therapy treatments, under one roof.

A World Class Service

It is our aim to raise the profile of holistic therapy using a range of accessibility measures. We will actively promote new and existing complementary services and providers to our user database.

An International Service

DvoraSpa delivers a global online directory and holistic therapies and spa services available to you locally.

Qualified, experienced therapists can be few and hard to find in some countries, or not available o you locally. 

DvoraSpa Hubs are growing continentally and our franchises will be established in major cities and in less developed countries.

​Integrity Guaranteed

We offer peace of mind. There are a range of problems that can exist in the wellness industry. How can tell if a therapist is legally certified? How can you trust that employers are not exploiting workers coming from overseas whether through trafficking or underpaid work? How can you be sure that vulnerable workers such massage and shiatsu therapists are not being forced into  sexual exploitation through employment or secret service expectations in spas through ‘happy endings’.

DvoraSpa gives confidence to patrons that the quality of services received is regulated and of gold standard.  We follow strict ethical guidelines to fulfil brand integrity and all stakeholders must agree to and follow the terms and conditions in each contract.

DvoraSpa is owned by Dvora Enterprise Ltd.